You should only carry one expectation — For Me to carry out all I have promised you. Everything you set your mind to, which draws you into expectation of another person should cease. Every interaction and desire you have should not be met the expectation for another person to fulfill it for you. You should only live a life experiencing the gifts of others as I position them to give away what I have given them.


When you carry your expectations into your earthly relationships, you immediately set yourself up for disappointment. The minute you expect something from a person, you place on them the responsibility of the Father. It is my job to meet your expectations, it is the job of others to love and encourage you. It is your job to love, and encourage others. Expectation draws out judgement, and that is not what you are here for. I can expect things from you, and you can expect things from Me, but do not harm each other with constant pressure and expectation. Take up the cross of others if you need to fulfill a desire or truly need something to happen.


With expectation comes the responsibility to also help that person see what you expect of them come to fruition. You are not equipped to do this in perfect love. You are equipped to do this from a place of judgement and ultimately disappointment. This is because the desire to place expectations on others comes from the flesh. Your spirit is made to receive from Me, and give to others. Your flesh only wants to receive and take from others, and ultimately reject Me. This is why operating from your spirit is so important to your growth. I give you the desire to expect things from Me,  I then fulfill those expectations, and equip you to give to others.


Think about the design or flow of this. You develop an expectation to receive all that will make you whole and prosperous, you then immediately take what I have given you, and interact with others from a place of wholeness, and sharing all that I have given you. As you give away what I have given you, I then give you the desire to expect something else from Me. I then fulfill that expectation, and you set out to give again. This is the flow I delight in. Filling you until you are brimming over, sending you out to be a blessing, then filling you again.  You are to delight in the gifts and talents of each other, which are given freely, and without expectation from the flesh. You then begin to pour into the spirits of those around you with an insatiable need to give all I give you, away to each other.


Do not operate out of alignment with your perfect design and function. You will only frustrate yourself. I have set everything in this world to provide you with everything you need to live a happy and successful life. When you begin to take on things I never meant for you, you begin to turn that design on its head, and ultimately walk out of alignment with what I want for you.


You can expect everything from Me because I will never fail you. I will never give you more than you can handle, and with every expectation I will walk beside you to help you carry them out. With Me, you will never fail.

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