The world possesses a fanatical culture. You become a fanatic for the acts and abilities of man. You become a fanatic of science, research, study, love, comedy, drama, fashion, entertainment, news, death, and destruction. Do you not see all of this is rooted in despair. There is a form of distance and despair which has been cloaked as healthy obsession, or excusable fanaticism. I must expose the root before you will understand how dangerous this path truly is. As it relates to distraction, the life of a fanatic, is one who has lost all sense of self and has adopted another’s portrayal or stance on a particular topic. You then allow this stance or presentation to completely consume you. Why would you allow something so un-rooted in everlasting life, yet completely rooted in veiled distraction set on a grand stage, to cause you to live less than and ineffective, and cause you to set your relationship with your Father aside as you willingly enter into edification of your flesh? When you place something before My love, you then declare to Me that thing you love can sustain you and bring you into glory and prosperity.


If you are not of the mind which declares all things second to developing and nurturing a relationship with the Holy Spirit, then you are a fool. You have become one who stands in sinking sand and proclaims it is a solid foundation. I will not reveal the riches and mysteries of Heaven to those who can easily cast aside access to such revelation, for things that only exist in the forever changing winds. You worship idols and call it sport. You set yourself before others and allow them to pour poison into you and call it entertainment. You then wonder why your spirit remains in its infant stage and never moves from regurgitating what it has been fed, to digesting the solid food of My Spirit as you begin to bear fruit. Why do you not possess the fire of My Spirit? A spirit that cannot be quenched once truly lit inside of you, but can be driven out of a temple that does not hold in serious account the duties of sonship.


You want to be blessed but are unwilling to awaken from your slumber. You prefer a dream state where the words I speak float in the recesses of your mind, as you allow what the enemy presents to you to run rampant in every area of your life. My arms are always open to you, but My hand of chastisement and correction is readily outstretched to those who dance on the edge of true salvation and grace and being one who finds their home in the world. I will not reveal Myself to the one who treads into My presence with fear and trepidation that I would ask you to relinquish the life you have built and trade it for the unknown life I have purposed for you. Become bold and lay down your cowardice. Live in the life altering, stretching, uncharted abundance I am laying out before you. Become a fanatic for your growth in spirit and relationship with Me, and you will soon see yourself on the sure winning front lines of the shift.

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