Being alone is not punishment. I am not keeping you isolated to test your ability to do things on your own. I created every human on this planet, and I did so with two intentions. To connect you to Me, and then to each other. When you begin your path to discovering your purpose, and living your life as you were created to live it, you may be alone at times. When you find yourself alone, I am either shaping you or protecting you.


Attempting to walk in your calling surrounded by those who are not purposed to walk with you, will deter you from realizing your true purpose and potential. When you feel I have left you, I am teaching you how to tap in. There are many opportunities to become discouraged or led off of your path as you begin to fully commit yourself to your purpose. When you are alone, I want you to learn to truly lean into Me. I will not always answer you right away. This is to teach you to begin to call on the resources I have already laid out for you. When you are in despair, I want you to remember I have given you joy. When you are lonely, I want you to remember I have sent you a comforter. And when you are afraid, I want you to remember you have not been given the spirit of fear, you have authority over it and it will not overtake you.


You may wonder why I do not descend from Heaven, fix all that ails you, and carry you straight into your destiny. The reason is simple, this “solution” does not build character. It teaches you nothing. It does not show you how to tap into the power and authority I have already given you. What you have to remember is this; I have completed everything, I have seen every outcome, I have made a way for every possible scenario. It is up to you to walk it out. You have to make a decision to allow Me to guide you, and trust where I lead you. If I lead you into isolation, rejoice. Know that I am steering you away from destruction. I will send people into your life in due season. In this moment, I am teaching you to be with Me. I am showing you where the source of your real strength comes from. When I lose you back into the world, you will know how to unleash all of the power and authority I have placed inside of you. You will be operating  in the fulness of your purpose. You will have truly tapped in, and you will then, truly know how to be connected.

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