The process is for you. It is important for you to experience growth. Things in the spirit work through them manifesting on Earth. If there is no manifestation it remains with Me. If it remains with Me there is no breakthrough for you. You were designed to rejoice in the manifestation of a good thing. Manifestation builds your faith and trust. Trust and faith fuel your progress and purpose. If you seek the next level in your life, seek to have radical faith and trust in Me. The path to purpose will often exceed your ability to comprehend how you will reach it, but faith rebukes doubt and My love carries you through the storms.

The process is incremental and depends on your ability to seek revelation when you are in a place of confusion. It requires you to weather the storm when the waters have risen and you feel there is no way out. I will always part the waters for My children who trust in Me. I will always prosper you when you seek Me first.

When you trust the process you gain a testimony. Your testimony is not only vital to your success and faith, it can be the catalyst to someone else’s revelation of how important faithfulness is. When you feel there is no plan, go back to what I promised you. How have you positioned yourself to see it manifest? When you feel you have no instruction, how long were you still and rebuking fear and worry?

Doubt in Me and My love for you is always standing by to consume you. You must rebuke it even when you don’t feel like I’m working. Until you reach an elevated vision and perspective I only require you to continue to go through the process. I will not leave you where you are if you believe I am taking you somewhere. Your faith drives Me to move on your behalf. Your trust compels Me to move you into greater revelation and purpose.

Continue to trust the process and you will take the 11 day journey.

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